With more than 10 years of partnership with Universities of Bologna and Modena & Reggio Emilia, Almax Mori is at the forefront in combining Academy and Technology to meet customers’ goals.
Results of our R&D activities are summarized in several technical papers published on scientific journals.

Our scientific approach requires the necessity to validate FEM (Finite Elements Models) with experimental activities.

In this respect research institutes help us to:

  • properly measure process parameters
  • develop analytical models
  • optimize FEM codes
  • perform laboratory analysis
  • elaborate constitutive equations of aluminum alloys

In cooperation with academy in the last 10 years Almax Mori successfully won several Eureka Eurostars calls.

Among the last projects we emphasize:

2012 - MgMax:
Development of specially designed dies for the extrusion of magnesium profiles with high mechanical properties for structural and energy applications.
2015 - NapreAl:
Extrusion of complex, thin and near finish shape nano metal matrix composites hollow profiles for aerospace and defense applications.
2018 - MultiDie:
Multi Material smart extrusion dies with anti-wear bearing and printed cooling channels.

In 2021 Almax Mori signed a research contract with University of Modena and Reggio Emilia over the optimization of die cooling channels.

Nowadays the efficiency of the cooling is deeply affected by position and design of the liquid nitrogen channel. Numerical modelling offers possibility to optimize the channel design without expensive and time-consuming experimental trials. The global aim of the research program is the optimization of cooling channel design in terms of cooling efficiency, die thermal balancing and reduction of liquid nitrogen consumption.